Aviation Training Company Branding and corporate design

horizontal aviation company branding vertical aviation training company  company branding aviation training company single logo design

The brand

This original brand creation inspires confidence and modernity. Our expert branding team developd this powerful brand to show this training company as a different one. We wanted their clients to realize that this company is the future of the aviation training.

The logo

Our corporate design team created a strong logo inspired in an airplane wing. This original logo design based in the letters M and P. This mix created a very singular brand, powerful and easely recognizable.

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Branded materials design

The corporate design was based in recognizable flight and aviation concepts

Our goal was designing a powerful and coherent branding strategy to build a solid brand. We inspired all corporate material designs in the flight and aviation concepts. The result was a variated range of corporate designs that raises the coherence and relevance of the brand.

Our best corporte designers created a solid and coherent corporate material

This corporate design work included: stationery design, clothing and uniform design, corporate vehicles design, training plane design, poster and corporate signs design, website design and training apps design.