How do best brand identity designers use the blue colour

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Blue is the colour of trust, loyalty and honesty. So it is no wonder that best brand design agencies know how to make the most of its psychological features. Blue is true and quiet, doesn’t like pressure or stress, and likes to do things in its own way. Besides, it also communicates reliability and responsibility. The number of companies that had chosen this colour as their corporate colour is uncountable. And it is because people rely on it. The concepts of truth, order, honesty are values that every company want to show to its audience. (more…)

The influence of street art on graphic design and urban culture

graphic design on street art
Design, art, poetry, protest… All those things are about people expression. Street art as graphic design is neither right nor wrong. The best corporate designer can create something beautiful or ugly. That’s all on the aim of the piece. Graffiti can be motivated by joy, sadness or rage, it can be selfish or altruistic. Grafitti and graphic design are just expression. There is no art movement that involves those concepts more than street art. (more…)

The dark side of brand identity design business

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There are thousands of brand identity design agencies, millions of people on the internet proclaiming themselves expert branding consultants, brand identity gurus, professional graphic designers, etc. The internet allows everybody to seem what they want, but it doesn’t necessary mean that they are what they say they are. In design and marketing business 95% of the online offer answers to freelancers without any qualification who doesn’t know the basics of typography, geometry, proportions, colors, etc. (more…)

How to make the most of your luxury sponsorship investment

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Sponsorship investment is such a crucial task for luxury brands as 50% of their success depends on their ability to relate their products to high end lifestyles. It is known that the first step to building a great brand reputation is creating a reliable brand identity, not only to establish the idea of exclusiveness but also to develop a clear, believable personality. Your brand is the face of your business, so you’d better bring a beautiful makeup if you want to succeed in the high-end business party. (more…)

The meaning of orange colour in marketing and branding

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Orange has the quality of attracting the attention of everybody and best branding consultants know it. It is the main reason to choose it as your corporate colour, however, there are other features about the psychology and meaning of orange colour that make it an interesting choice. Those brands focus our minds on issues of physical comfort: warmth, shelter, food… and they are focused on the base of the pyramid of human needs. Nevertheless, you must be aware of too much orange could mean frivolity and a lack of sobriety and intellectual values.

Tips to detect when you are screwing it up with your brand design

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It is no wonder that startup fever has spread all over the world in the last few years. So the number of brand identity designers and branding agencies has risen in the same proportion. There are some clues that will help you to detect easily if you are wasting your money on branding design or not. Let’s have a look at the 5 most common mistakes of brand identity designers. (more…)

Green, the joker at positive and ecological branding design

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Green is worldwide known as the ecological colour. The eco-trends have raised green to the Olympus of ecological branding design. However, not only is it good for eco-branding design but also it is a great colour to relate brands to fun, leisure, harmony and peace. So, there are a wide range of beer, .coms, food, betting, sports, etc. companies that chose green as their corporate colour to take advantage of this extra features. (more…)

How much does professional branding design cost?

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At corporate branding design, as at art, it’s difficult to price creations. Abstract and subjective concepts are mixed in this business. To be honest, I haven’t found yet the reason why that Dalí should be more expensive than this Picasso… Being an artistic discipline, pricing at professional branding design has similar problems. However, there are some objective tasks that can be estimated by working hours (more…)

A good packaging design makes the difference and you know it

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Packaging and brand reputation are the only two factors that count when customers are in front of the supermarket shelve. Everybody has a little great designer inside, so it might seem easy to create an outstanding packaging, however, there is a long story behind each one. There is a lot of money at stake and it doesn’t only depend on a fancy design, there are a lot of factors that matter in this equation like your industry features, competitors, prospective target, your product itself and, of course, your branding strategy. (more…)

Best brand identity designers in history: Herb Lubalin

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Herb Lubalin was probably one of the best brand identity designers in history of graphic design. He is also famous for his cooperation with his friend Ralph Ginzburg on three of Ginzburg’s magazines: Fact, Avant Garde and Eros. He was the brilliant talent behind the incredible visual beauty of these publications. His logo creations are worldwide known and he is one of the most influential brand identity designers of the 20th century. (more…)

The colour of conficence for best branding consultants

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Not very often do new business choose yellow as their brand identity colour. However, best branding consultants in the world are aware of yellow brands could be a powerful marketing weapon to attract the attention of the customers. Besides, yellow brand identity designs can be used to relate companies to many features such as creativity, confidence, optimism, friendliness and extraversion.

A good brand identity company can change your business

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Identifying your problem is part of the solution, but it’s not the solution. Top branding consultants realized that most companies know they have a mediocre branding strategy, but they do nothing to solve it. A good brand identity company can change the way people perceive your business, can raise its relevance, can make your products and services more attractive… A good brand identity company can change your future.

Image is everything, and best branding consultants know it

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Image is power, image is everything. It’s hard to measure how good you are, but it’s easy to measure how good you look. First impressions are key to define the future relationship with your clients. Therefore companies must take care of their brand identity, because for clients they are just what they look like. Nevertheless, we must admit that even best branding consultants only know how to control some factors, but no one can control the whole game.

Red, the king of colours for brand identity designers

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Red is the most powerful colour and best brand identity designers know it. Red is the colour of passion, love, risk, strength and energy. It’s the most attractive colour, therefore it’s always the first choice for professional branding designers when the company is the first of its market. Red is the colour of the leader. If you create a new niche market, red colour is your choice.

4 lessons that punk bands taught to branding consultants

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It’s known that punk bands are famous for their destructive spirit rather than its cosntrutive philosophy. Nevertheless, there are some their features that would be extremely useful at branding, advertising and marketing. Punk philosophy is bold and simple, two concepts that are pure gold for best branding consultants. The way they acted and the way they sold their image was a great example of a winner strategy. (more…)

Top brand identity designers look back at the past

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Vintage trends are everywhere nowadays and we are getting used to them very fast. You’ll agree with me that there is no effort at copying what other did in the past. It might seems that top brand identity designers are running out of creativity. However, there are some good reasons to take a look back at the past. Not always can corporate branding designers stay on the cutting edge while designing for a giant as Coca-Cola. Sometimes you need the summer to appreciate the winter. (more…)

The evolution of luxury branding design

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Luxury brands are very common nowadays, but a few years ago things were a little bit different. Luxury branding design was not an important task at the begining, when aristocrats and the upper class knew perfectly where the best Parisian shops were placed… In 1700 luxury branding design was as simple as the craftman surname over the door of his shop. That was enough for the moment. Products and reputation were the real brand. (more…)