Beer Company Brand identity & packaging design

diseño de marca de cerveza artesana 1 diseño de marca de cerveza artesana 1 diseño de marca de cerveza artesana 1

The brand

The name definition process for this new beer company was determined by the need to differentiate the brand in a market dominated by large breweries and full of thousands of microbreweries. The brand name Undermine Beer means a break with the brewing tradition. This company suggests that there is a different way of making beer and live the beer culture. So we finally found an edgy, bold name that leave clear that rupture with the establishment.

The logo

Our creative director , who is specialized in brand identity design was personally responsible of the creation of this new beer brand. The need to differentiate the brand from other companies in the market showed us a very clear path for the logo creation stage: the brand identity design needed to brake the rules. So the brand was built as a modern, bold and singular element that is perceived very differently from other distinctive brands in the industry (shields, old typogrphies, complex shapes, soft designs, etc.)

diseño de publicidad y anuncios para marca de cerveza diseño de etiquetas y botella de cerveza diseño de folletos publicitarios para marca de cerveza

Branded materials design

A strong brand for a strong beer. Branded material design for this beer is clear, simple and edgy in contrast to traditional industry trends

All branded materials designed for this beer company had a clear goal, impact an audience very accustomed to the usual visual codes in the world of beer. In this case our branded material designers felt totally free to break all preset schemes in the industry to create a clearly distinct, unique and attractive visual set.

Each and every detail, from the original beer label designs for beer to the advertising campaigns are inspired by the provocative character of the brand

A beer bottle, as well as the beer branded materials are the spearhead of the marketing strategy. Our designers made their best to design the Undermine Beer labels to generate a huge visual impact and achieve that distinctive touch that makes a beer bottle stand out from the rest. Of course, all brand identity details such as bottle design, coasters, packaging, bags, posters... were carefully designed following the visual style of the brand.