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The brand

Our goal was to create an elegant clothing brand with a little edgy touch. So this name is a mixture of elegance and flame. The new brand creation is easy to read and remember. It looks elegat, but it makes a difference from other clothing brands. It is unique, original and different.

The logo

This luxury branding design work was fully executed by our art director. As an expert logo designer, he decided the best strategy was to differenciate it from competitors, so he created a very singular logo that was integrated inside the brand typography. This luxury logo design is a very powerful shape, easely recognizable. Besides, it has a very modern and trendy look that builds value and relevance to this clothing company.

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Branded materials design

Our best clothing packaging designers were aware of the importance of the new high-end packaging design for this luxury brand

Shop signs, shopping bags, pricing tags, clothing labels, packaging... All these corporate design tasks are really important for clients. Luxury customers really appreciate details appart from the products. Our branding design team carried out a delicate work to create a great corporate material collection.

All the luxury clothing packaging design and the rest of corporate materials are inspired in the laitmotif of the brand an its geometry

Being a powerful shape, this logo design allowed our corporate design agency to create a varied and very interesting range of coprorate material. It is really important, specially if you are launching a new brand. All corporate material designs were crated to reinforce the image of the brand in the mind of its clients and stakeholders.