Online Car DealerBrand creation & corporate design

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The brand

Our client hired us to develop a full branding strategy for his new online store. After carrying out some initial research into this market and its competitors our branding team set to work to create a powerful presence that set our clients ahead of the rest. The result is a dynamic, easily recognizable statement.

The logo

Nostalgia helped our best branding designers to create this logo inspired by the vibrant 70s and 80s American second hand car market. Clean fresh lines inspire confidence. Experience no-nonsense corporate branding at its best.

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Branded materials design

Our aim is to maintain the distinct spirit of the brand identity throughout

Developing a branding strategy to suit individual elements of the business is essential; it must align itself with the audience perfectly. We understand that the brand must be as visually recognizable as it must be credible and appealing to effectively compete.

Corporate materials and stationery designs are created to build a conceptual web in the mind of the customers

Every element of corporate design must meet the hungry demands of an ever expanding global market. The design is carefully incorporated throughout from office stationary and merchandising to a user friendly website.