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The brand

We can influence how others see others. This process begins with brand creation and management which must not only be consistent its purpose must also be clear. The planning process is a 360 degree look at the company’s ethics and future. This exciting biometrical software app needed to reflect the intelligence behind it and so we began with the latin root ‘salutis’ meaning health.

The logo

Brand identification starts with the logo, your public profile and needs to stand the test of time. Gimmicks don’t last and are unnecessary when your brand has a solid place in the market. The final logo creation represents an electrocardiogram, the main purpose of this app. The backdrop to this was an original idea by our best logo designers who divided the logo into 4 representing the apps additional software functions, a thermometer, a phonendoscope and a sugar meter.

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Branded materials design

Corporate material design was very important for the launching of the project with investors and stakeholders

Excellent corporate design becomes essential when taking your company to potential investors and stakeholders. Communicating a consistent and purposeful branding message must be echoed in all contact with your company from your corporate brochures to your stationary. If you are a start-up company looking for investment you cannot afford to put a foot wrong at this stage.

The logo inspired the rest of corporate material to make a solid brand identity that express the modernity and utility of this product

Think of your brand as your reputation. What do you want your reputation to say about you? Remember that your customers will research you before they invest in you, they will look for reviews to see what others think about your company. You want your logo recognised for all the right reasons, so keeping the message strong and consistent begins with your public face, your logo.