Luxury Clothing ยท Dubai, EmiratesBrand identity & packaging design

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The brand

This Dubai based fashion designer hired us to develop their new luxury brand identity design. In collaboration, our clients and our in-house creative director worked closely together to ensure the brand expressed their vision. The result was a modern, high-end design that reflects the elegant style of the collection. Preserving the Emirati origins provided an organic template resulting in a strong and original branding success.

The logo

This luxury clothing brand design is based, and embraces, the concepts of elegance, sophistication and quality while maintaining a classic no-nonsense presence. The result is a light and elegant logo appropriate to a high end market. It has a modern and stylish look and places the brand in a good position at high-end luxury market.

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Branded materials design

This proposed an exciting challenge for our luxury packaging designers

Every detail counts in attracting and keeping a demanding audience such as our clients. Striving to achieve stunning results takes enthusiastic collaboration and this teamwork has enabled us to create everything required from clothing labels and shop signs to shopping bags.

Luxury packaging reflectis the sophistication and glamour of a Dubai based luxury brand

Where the mystic of the Arab world meets its modern oriental identity perfection resides. Classically understated glamour throughout and attention to detail demonstrates that 'less' can definitely be 'more'.