Medical ClinicBranding & corporate design

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The brand

Our creative branding team based the company name development stage in two concepts: the zen concept and the medical care. The result was a mix between the words zen and osteopathy. The name express calm and peace. It suggest that this clinic is a pleasant place that make patients feel relaxed and comfortable.

The logo

It is inspired in zen principles and nature concepts. This circle is a very strong shape that symbolizes the flow of energies in life. The green colour express equilibrium and peace. Our expert branding designers created a singular logo that define this clinic as a modern place where clients will find relax and comfort.

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Branded materials design

Corporate material design was really important to create a whole visual system for this new clinic

Our best corporate designers carried out a hard job with the corporate elements of this company. We designed all new signs, posters, stationery, uniforms... to create more than a brand identity, we wanted to create a full scenario that envolved clients in a zen environement.

Corporate design strategy was based in zen conceps, we wanted to make clients feel comfortable and calm

The corporate design leitmotiv was nature and zen, we based our strategy in the geometry and repetition of the main logo to create a complete visual sistem that support the identity of the brand. All these detailed designs create a strong brand identity that keeps in the mind of the clients.