Sea Alert SoftwareNaming and drand identity design

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The brand

Our clients specialise in international sea alert software as a geographical alert service. Creating a impressive brand is always an interesting challenge as we search to combine originality and memorability while preserving their authentic presence in the global market place.

The logo

As always our team of best branding designers take inspiration for the logo from the company’s ethics and global presence. We consider the brand’s identity and embrace relevant concepts such as efficiency, dependability and reliability bringing each element together harmoniously. Intelligent use of colour in the logo is imperative. In this case our choice of blue expresses calm and efficiency.

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Branded materials design

Corporate branding design was very important for this company to gain relevance and value

Important international companies are constantly working alongside the corporate world. Their dealing with governments, politicians and directors makes their corporate communications an essential part of the project that we must get absolutely right. Our corporate branding design team created a varied and comprehensive set of corporate material to ensure all correspondence sends the right message.

Corporate material design was inspired in the new branding design to create a full visual scenario for this new company

Ancient geometry remains a mystery and is often found in some of the best corporate branding to be found anywhere around the globe. There is a consistency to it that we instinctively trust. Our corporate branding designers created a strong and coherent brand that will stand firm among giants.