Social NetworkBranding and corporate design

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The brand

As always our expert brand identity designers took charge of creating a young and dynamic brand for an innovative social network entering the online dating market niche. Its abstract name, with no deliberately specific meaning adds to the appeal, an essential ingredient for today's social networking.

The logo

This is where we unleash the creative juices of our team. Great logos are no happy accident; they take a dynamic strategy to create a truly believable logo. Logos are about communication, grabbing attention and building relationships. Your final branding design must have character. Our team insist on working through the creative branding process until we have it right.

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Branded materials design

Attention to detail is paramount, not only in attracting those first early users but crucially, investors to the brand

Meticulous corporate design and careful analysis assured a strong launch in bringing this brand to market. Every element was carefully analyzed to help to bring a strong brand into the market. Our creative branding services included all corporate stationary and company brochures design.

Coherent corporate design assures credibility and creates a necessary and instant visual dialogue.

In the spirit of the brand and in close discussion with our client's wishes we maintained a youthful vibe throughout.