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The brand

This software company developd a new information service for smartphones that was based in GPS tech. They hired us to create a full corporate branding design for their new product. Our best naming consultants decided that the best strategy in this case was to chose a short and easy name that defined the functions of the new software. Finally, they mixed the main concepts to create a simple but effective brand.

The logo

It was a really interesting challenge for our branding design agency to create this original brand identity. Tech companies are so common nowadays that differenciation has become essential. Our best logo designers realized that most of the competitors were using soft logo designs, such as clouds, bubbles, etc. So we decided to create a sharp logo thar makes the difference. This creative brand identity design is a simple shape, however is extremely effective and keeps in mind of the users.

envelope design - information tech business card design - information tech packaging and corporate branding - information tech

Branded materials design

Corporate material design was essential for the launching of this project to show a solid and modern brand to its potential audience

We developd a varied set of materials such as corporate stationery design, corporate landing page, folders and badges for investors, corporate brochure designs, etc. All these materials were carefully designed by our best corporate branding designers to create a an integrated brand identity for this new product.

The simple shape and geometry of this brand identity design allow our corporate desiners to create a varied set of materials

Our corporate branding designers used the main logo design as a pattern to create a wide range of corporate material designs. All corporate materials are different from each others, however, they keep perfectly the coherence and strength of the brand and bring a very professional image to the company.