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The website design

The high level of competition in the beer sector at this time forces new brands to focus on innovative website design oriented toward differentiation

Our website design and development team received the assignment to make a difference from the rest of beer brands by building a unique atmosphere for this new website. The result is very consistent with the aggressive character of the brand that offers a clear and close interface. The website design is completely responsive to smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops to provide the visitor with an optimum navigation experience.

SEO marketing weight is less important in such a competitive industry as the beer market is. So the responsibility of a good design is bigger in this cases

Traditional search engine optimization techniques do not make sense for a new brand in such a competitive market. For this reason the digital marketing strategy for this beer brand was based on a strong brand brand personality as well as in attracting traffic from the offline world (urban guerrilla advertising, direct marketing, point of purchase...) All this elements are supported by the presence in social networks and digital channels to add a multiplier effect over marketing actions.