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The influence of street art on graphic design and urban culture

graphic design on street art

Design, art, poetry, protest… All those things are about people expression. Street art as graphic design is neither right nor wrong. The best corporate designer can create something beautiful or ugly. That’s all on the aim of the piece. Graffiti can be motivated by joy, sadness or rage, it can be selfish or altruistic. Grafitti… Read more »

Rebranding companies: The times they are a changin

rebranding comapany logo design 2

Rebranding companies turn stone into gold, they make your company more succesful and make your clients happier too. Companies are used to spend fortunes in corporate design: stationary, sponsoring, packaging, signs… But if they stopped just for a moment to analize their numbers, they would realize that something is going wrong in this business.

Too much logos! Creative logo designers wanted

professional logo design company - mortimerland

We’ve talk many times about the value that creative logo designers could add to your company. But today it’s rainy and clowdy, and I’m going to tell a sad story. Once upon a time a world full of stupid and tasteless logos: local business, professionals, companies, organizations, fundations, events… Trashy logos everywhere! Besides, becoming a… Read more »

A professional logo designer makes the difference

company logo designer

Either designing a new logo or rebranding a company is always a hard decission for a manager. It’s no wonder that companies are deeply concerned about marketing, adevertisisng, logistics… So, they are always ready to spend their money in this kind of activities; and it is because all of them are material things that can… Read more »