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Best corporate logo designers in history, tribute to Saul Bass

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Logos are so common in our lifes that we usually forget they are little pieces of history of modern art. Today I want to pay tribute to Mr. Saul Bass, one of the most important corporate logo designers in history. However, not only did he design corporate brand identities, he is also a legend for… Read more »

The 4 unwritten rules of professional logo designers

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Logo design, as other disciplines, is thought to be carried out by everybody who know how to use Photoshop. It’s true. It’s as true as everybody that could put a brick upon another can buid a house. Nevertheless, there’s a little objection this humble creative director can find: the quality. There’s a huge distance between… Read more »

Logo predators. Is your corporate logo designed to rule?


There’re some good corporate logo designers and a host of bad ones in the world of branding companies. So, you might be thinking: what makes the diferece? Today I’m going to write about one of the keys that determine the succes or the disaster of a brand (therefore, the future of the whole company): The… Read more »

A professional logo designer makes the difference

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Either designing a new logo or rebranding a company is always a hard decission for a manager. It’s no wonder that companies are deeply concerned about marketing, adevertisisng, logistics… So, they are always ready to spend their money in this kind of activities; and it is because all of them are material things that can… Read more »