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The dark side of brand identity design business

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There are thousands of brand identity design agencies, millions of people on the internet proclaiming themselves expert branding consultants, brand identity gurus, professional graphic designers, etc. The internet allows everybody to seem what they want, but it doesn’t necessary mean that they are what they say they are. In design and marketing business 95% of… Read more »

Best brand identity designers in history: Herb Lubalin

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Herb Lubalin was probably one of the best brand identity designers in history of graphic design. He is also famous for his cooperation with his friend Ralph Ginzburg on three of Ginzburg’s magazines: Fact, Avant Garde and Eros. He was the brilliant talent behind the incredible visual beauty of these publications. His logo creations are… Read more »

Red, the king of colours for brand identity designers

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Red is the most powerful colour and best brand identity designers know it. Red is the colour of passion, love, risk, strength and energy. It’s the most attractive colour, therefore it’s always the first choice for professional branding designers when the company is the first of its market. Red is the colour of the leader…. Read more »

The magic relationship: colours & brand identity designers

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The colours of the brands and logos send out clear signals that we can all read accurately. Professional brand identity designers know very well the way colours affect people and how to use them as a powerful marketing weapon. In today’s sophisticated world it is easy to underestimate the power of primitive instincts, as they… Read more »

Luxury brand designers choose the black colour

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There’s no wonder that black is the colour of elegance for best luxury brand designers. Black brand identities are related to sophistication and glamour. It communicates absolute clarity, with no fine nuances. Besides, it works particularly well with white. Black creates a perception of weight and seriousness.

Best corporate logo designers in history, tribute to Saul Bass

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Logos are so common in our lifes that we usually forget they are little pieces of history of modern art. Today I want to pay tribute to Mr. Saul Bass, one of the most important corporate logo designers in history. However, not only did he design corporate brand identities, he is also a legend for… Read more »

Most common fails of brand identity designers

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Being a brand identity designer could be the best job in the world. However, it’s not a game. Your design would be the image that a whole business will show to the world, and it’s such a big responsibility. What happens is that professional brand identity designers still don’t care about that, they just care… Read more »

Brand identity creation: how to name your business

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The job naming consultants is not an easy job. Parents spent months thinking about a name to call their children. So it’s much harder while looking for a new name for your business, because the name that you are searching for doesn’t exist yet. Planning your branding strategy is a must at marketing and brand… Read more »