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The dark side of brand identity design business

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There are thousands of brand identity design agencies, millions of people on the internet proclaiming themselves expert branding consultants, brand identity gurus, professional graphic designers, etc. The internet allows everybody to seem what they want, but it doesn’t necessary mean that they are what they say they are. In design and marketing business 95% of… Read more »

How much does professional branding design cost?

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At corporate branding design, as at art, it’s difficult to price creations. Abstract and subjective concepts are mixed in this business. To be honest, I haven’t found yet the reason why that DalĂ­ should be more expensive than this Picasso… Being an artistic discipline, pricing at professional branding design has similar problems. However, there are… Read more »

4 lessons that punk bands taught to branding consultants

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It’s known that punk bands are famous for their destructive spirit rather than its cosntrutive philosophy. Nevertheless, there are some their features that would be extremely useful at branding, advertising and marketing. Punk philosophy is bold and simple, two concepts that are pure gold for best branding consultants. The way they acted and the way… Read more »

The magic relationship: colours & brand identity designers

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The colours of the brands and logos send out clear signals that we can all read accurately. Professional brand identity designers know very well the way colours affect people and how to use them as a powerful marketing weapon. In today’s sophisticated world it is easy to underestimate the power of primitive instincts, as they… Read more »

Fictional branding creations, better than real ones

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Sometimes fiction beats reality. People usually focus their atention in movie characters. Courageous, powerful, intelligent people. But not very often do people realise there are also lots of other things in movies which are miles better than reality, such as a clothes, cars, houses, products… and, of course, brands and logo designs. There must be… Read more »

Rebranding companies: The times they are a changin

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Rebranding companies turn stone into gold, they make your company more succesful and make your clients happier too. Companies are used to spend fortunes in corporate design: stationary, sponsoring, packaging, signs… But if they stopped just for a moment to analize their numbers, they would realize that something is going wrong in this business.

Forced creativity in Hollywood: original branding design

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We are used to see a lot of product, logos, brands on TV and movies, it’s no wonder this strategy is very common in entertainment contents. Known as “product placement”, this business was estimated at $6.7 billion in 2013. But today we are talking exactly about the oposite strategy: That is hiding real brands not… Read more »