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Fictional branding creations, better than real ones

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Sometimes fiction beats reality. People usually focus their atention in movie characters. Courageous, powerful, intelligent people. But not very often do people realise there are also lots of other things in movies which are miles better than reality, such as a clothes, cars, houses, products… and, of course, brands and logo designs. There must be… Read more »

Brand identity creation: how to name your business

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The job naming consultants is not an easy job. Parents spent months thinking about a name to call their children. So it’s much harder while looking for a new name for your business, because the name that you are searching for doesn’t exist yet. Planning your branding strategy is a must at marketing and brand… Read more »

Forced creativity in Hollywood: original branding design

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We are used to see a lot of product, logos, brands on TV and movies, it’s no wonder this strategy is very common in entertainment contents. Known as “product placement”, this business was estimated at $6.7 billion in 2013. But today we are talking exactly about the oposite strategy: That is hiding real brands not… Read more »

Extreme Branding Fails. Better call a good branding company…

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Sometimes branding creation looks less cool than it usually does. There’s no wonder that creative minds are wide and fascinting; however, there is allways a dark side in every creative brain. I’ve been surfing through the web to find the crown jewels of the dark side of the branding company ideas men. Wherer are good… Read more »