A good packaging design makes the difference and you know it

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Packaging and brand reputation are the only two factors that count when customers are in front of the supermarket shelve. Everybody has a little great designer inside, so it might seem easy to create an outstanding packaging, however, there is a long story behind each one. There is a lot of money at stake and it doesn’t only depend on a fancy design, there are a lot of factors that matter in this equation like your industry features, competitors, prospective target, your product itself and, of course, your branding strategy.

Packaging design has big impact on purchase decisions

This strategy is what will tell your customers if your company is big or familiar, modern or traditional, trendy or classic. So you can deceive yourself and put the pressure out thinking that it depends on many external factors. But the naked true is that the power to turn your company into whatever you wish is only yours. That said, please make sure you don’t screw it up telling a story that doesn’t adjust to reality. The quality and the design of your brand, your packaging, your label designs, your shopping bag design… everything matters. Make no mistake, all the packaging design elements are powerful reasons that your customers will use to make their purchase decision. You’d better be ready for fighting this battle because your competitors will.

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Most of people choose the wine bottles only for the label design

The choice of the product you’re going to buy is based on many factors but there is one specially crucial: the design. Let’s think of a real buying situation: Most people don’t know how does a wine or a beer taste before buying it, they make a decision only by looking at the bottle and the label design. The quality of the product is not relevant at all for the customer at the time of decision-making, it is packaging design what really matters in those 10 holy seconds. If they are looking for a sophisticated wine they’ll choose the modern labels, if they want a cheap wine they will choose the cheap looking labels… There are no rules to define how to design a box, a bottle or a label, but there is a golden rule that you must always keep in mind: the success of your strategy will depend on your ability to fit it in with your target. Don’t get me wrong, of course it is ok to have external references, but please, don’t be obsesed with other companies design. Your company is unique, your brand should be too.

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The quality of your brand reflects the quality of your products

The key factor is that a good packaging and corporate design can make your product enter the shortlist of your prospective clients and what’s more can help you saving a lot of money in advertising or marketing. Your brand design, your product packaging and your corporate design are the face of your business, so make sure you’re using the right dress and the best make-up when you arrive the party.

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A good packaging design makes the difference and you know it
Not only do packaging design differentiates your product from the others but also it reflects what your business stands for...