Too much logos! Creative logo designers wanted

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We’ve talk many times about the value that creative logo designers could add to your company. But today it’s rainy and clowdy, and I’m going to tell a sad story. Once upon a time a world full of stupid and tasteless logos: local business, professionals, companies, organizations, fundations, events… Trashy logos everywhere! Besides, becoming a professional logo designer was easier than ever. Even dummies were able to create brands and logos thanks to new advanced design software. Oh, wait a moment! It’s not a story, it’s the reality.

All those logos are floating in a wide ocean where no one pay attention to them. It’s no wonder that the number of competitors make logo diferenciation a great deal harder than it used to be. However, there are some good news. Oh, sorry, there aren’t any good news. This ocean of logos is full of trend followers, imitations and lack of originality. So, it’s highly likely you payed for a logo design that doesn’t add any value to your company. Or, what is worse, your logo is saying to your clients: run, run, run away!

Better call professional naming and branding consultants. Original brands add value and power to companies, and also make the most of their key strenght. Don’t take heed of your neighbour or your brother-in-law advices; they will always find a cheaper car, a cheaper TV and a cheaper logo designer; but please man, don’t lie to yourself, you get what you pay for.

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Too much logos! Creative logo designers wanted
The importance of creative logo designers is now bigger than ever. Original brands add value and power to your company and make the most of your key strenght.