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Best brand identity designers in history: Herb Lubalin

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Herb Lubalin was probably one of the best brand identity designers in history of graphic design. He is also famous for his cooperation with his friend Ralph Ginzburg on three of Ginzburg’s magazines: Fact, Avant Garde and Eros. He was the brilliant talent behind the incredible visual beauty of these publications. His logo creations are… Read more »

Red, the king of colours for brand identity designers

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Red is the most powerful colour and best brand identity designers know it. Red is the colour of passion, love, risk, strength and energy. It’s the most attractive colour, therefore it’s always the first choice for professional branding designers when the company is the first of its market. Red is the colour of the leader…. Read more »

The story of NASA’s brand identity design: the meatball

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The world of brand identity design is a complex world. Sometimes you think you got the perfect logo design but people don’t like it, and sometimes you design a perfect rubish while drinking a bottle of bourbon in a bar and everybody love it. I really don’t know what NASA’s corporate logo designers were drinkig… Read more »

The 5 oldest brand identity creations in the world

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We are used to see logos and brand identity creations everywhere. However, a long time ago it wasn’t as usual as it’s today. Some of those logos have nothing to do with nowadays logos, but I’ve selected the 5 oldest brands in the world for you. Enjoy having a look at these extange pieces of… Read more »

Forced creativity in Hollywood: original branding design

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We are used to see a lot of product, logos, brands on TV and movies, it’s no wonder this strategy is very common in entertainment contents. Known as “product placement”, this business was estimated at $6.7 billion in 2013. But today we are talking exactly about the oposite strategy: That is hiding real brands not… Read more »

Extreme Branding Fails. Better call a good branding company…

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Sometimes branding creation looks less cool than it usually does. There’s no wonder that creative minds are wide and fascinting; however, there is allways a dark side in every creative brain. I’ve been surfing through the web to find the crown jewels of the dark side of the branding company ideas men. Wherer are good… Read more »

Logo predators. Is your corporate logo designed to rule?


There’re some good corporate logo designers and a host of bad ones in the world of branding companies. So, you might be thinking: what makes the diferece? Today I’m going to write about one of the keys that determine the succes or the disaster of a brand (therefore, the future of the whole company): The… Read more »