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How do best brand identity designers use the blue colour

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Blue is the colour of trust, loyalty and honesty. So it is no wonder that best brand design agencies know how to make the most of its psychological features. Blue is true and quiet, doesn’t like pressure or stress, and likes to do things in its own way. Besides, it also communicates reliability and responsibility…. Read more »

The dark side of brand identity design business

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There are thousands of brand identity design agencies, millions of people on the internet proclaiming themselves expert branding consultants, brand identity gurus, professional graphic designers, etc. The internet allows everybody to seem what they want, but it doesn’t necessary mean that they are what they say they are. In design and marketing business 95% of… Read more »

The meaning of orange colour in marketing and branding

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Orange has the quality of attracting the attention of everybody and best branding consultants know it. It is the main reason to choose it as your corporate colour, however, there are other features about the psychology and meaning of orange colour that make it an interesting choice. Those brands focus our minds on issues of… Read more »

Tips to detect when you are screwing it up with your brand design

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It is no wonder that startup fever has spread all over the world in the last few years. So the number of brand identity designers and branding agencies has risen in the same proportion. There are some clues that will help you to detect easily if you are wasting your money on branding design or… Read more »

A good packaging design makes the difference and you know it

Packaging and brand reputation are the only two factors that count when customers are in front of the supermarket shelve. Everybody has a little great designer inside, so it might seem easy to create an outstanding packaging, however, there is a long story behind each one. There is a lot of money at stake and… Read more »