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Green, the joker at positive and ecological branding design

brand identity designers mortimerland colours green

Green is worldwide known as the ecological colour. The eco-trends have raised green to the Olympus of ecological branding design. However, not only is it good for eco-branding design but also it is a great colour to relate brands to fun, leisure, harmony and peace. So, there are a wide range of beer, .coms, food,… Read more »

How much does professional branding design cost?

professional branding design company logo creation 1

At corporate branding design, as at art, it’s difficult to price creations. Abstract and subjective concepts are mixed in this business. To be honest, I haven’t found yet the reason why that Dalí should be more expensive than this Picasso… Being an artistic discipline, pricing at professional branding design has similar problems. However, there are… Read more »

Best brand identity designers in history: Herb Lubalin

best brand identity designers company lublain 1

Herb Lubalin was probably one of the best brand identity designers in history of graphic design. He is also famous for his cooperation with his friend Ralph Ginzburg on three of Ginzburg’s magazines: Fact, Avant Garde and Eros. He was the brilliant talent behind the incredible visual beauty of these publications. His logo creations are… Read more »

The colour of conficence for best branding consultants

best branding consultants design yellow 1

Not very often do new business choose yellow as their brand identity colour. However, best branding consultants in the world are aware of yellow brands could be a powerful marketing weapon to attract the attention of the customers. Besides, yellow brand identity designs can be used to relate companies to many features such as creativity,… Read more »

A good brand identity company can change your business

good brand identity company branding consultants 2

Identifying your problem is part of the solution, but it’s not the solution. Top branding consultants realized that most companies know they have a mediocre branding strategy, but they do nothing to solve it. A good brand identity company can change the way people perceive your business, can raise its relevance, can make your products… Read more »

Image is everything, and best branding consultants know it

best branding consultants world brand identity

Image is power, image is everything. It’s hard to measure how good you are, but it’s easy to measure how good you look. First impressions are key to define the future relationship with your clients. Therefore companies must take care of their brand identity, because for clients they are just what they look like. Nevertheless,… Read more »

Red, the king of colours for brand identity designers

brand identity designers colours red

Red is the most powerful colour and best brand identity designers know it. Red is the colour of passion, love, risk, strength and energy. It’s the most attractive colour, therefore it’s always the first choice for professional branding designers when the company is the first of its market. Red is the colour of the leader…. Read more »

4 lessons that punk bands taught to branding consultants

top branding consultants punk 1

It’s known that punk bands are famous for their destructive spirit rather than its cosntrutive philosophy. Nevertheless, there are some their features that would be extremely useful at branding, advertising and marketing. Punk philosophy is bold and simple, two concepts that are pure gold for best branding consultants. The way they acted and the way… Read more »

Top brand identity designers look back at the past

brand identity designers new branding 1

Vintage trends are everywhere nowadays and we are getting used to them very fast. You’ll agree with me that there is no effort at copying what other did in the past. It might seems that top brand identity designers are running out of creativity. However, there are some good reasons to take a look back… Read more »

The evolution of luxury branding design

luxury brand design agency 4

Luxury brands are very common nowadays, but a few years ago things were a little bit different. Luxury branding design was not an important task at the begining, when aristocrats and the upper class knew perfectly where the best Parisian shops were placed… In 1700 luxury branding design was as simple as the craftman surname… Read more »

The magic relationship: colours & brand identity designers

brand identity designers mortimerland colours logo design

The colours of the brands and logos send out clear signals that we can all read accurately. Professional brand identity designers know very well the way colours affect people and how to use them as a powerful marketing weapon. In today’s sophisticated world it is easy to underestimate the power of primitive instincts, as they… Read more »

Corporate logo designers love pink for parfume brands

corporate logo designers pink brand 1

It’s well know by corporate logo designers that pink colour express femininity, love, warmth and sexuality. It’s also known that it affects us physically, but it soothes, rather than stimulates. It is a very powerful colour in the human psychology. It’s obvious that pink symbolizes the feminine principle. However, it also represents survival of the… Read more »

Coca-Cola, the branding consultants of modern Christmas

branding consultants modern christmas

The Coca-Cola marketing team became one of the best branding consultants in history thanks to its Christmas marketing campaigns. The first Santa ads used a strict-looking Claus, in the vein of Thomas Nast. In 1931 Coca-Cola company began placing ads in popular magazines. Coca-Cola branding consultants wanted the campaign to show a wholesome Santa who… Read more »

The story of NASA’s brand identity design: the meatball

brand identity design stories 1

The world of brand identity design is a complex world. Sometimes you think you got the perfect logo design but people don’t like it, and sometimes you design a perfect rubish while drinking a bottle of bourbon in a bar and everybody love it. I really don’t know what NASA’s corporate logo designers were drinkig… Read more »

Luxury brand designers choose the black colour

black luxury brand designer

There’s no wonder that black is the colour of elegance for best luxury brand designers. Black brand identities are related to sophistication and glamour. It communicates absolute clarity, with no fine nuances. Besides, it works particularly well with white. Black creates a perception of weight and seriousness.

Best corporate logo designers in history, tribute to Saul Bass

best professional logo designer company bass

Logos are so common in our lifes that we usually forget they are little pieces of history of modern art. Today I want to pay tribute to Mr. Saul Bass, one of the most important corporate logo designers in history. However, not only did he design corporate brand identities, he is also a legend for… Read more »

The 5 oldest brand identity creations in the world

world wide logos 1

We are used to see logos and brand identity creations everywhere. However, a long time ago it wasn’t as usual as it’s today. Some of those logos have nothing to do with nowadays logos, but I’ve selected the 5 oldest brands in the world for you. Enjoy having a look at these extange pieces of… Read more »

Fictional branding creations, better than real ones

film original branding design tobacco

Sometimes fiction beats reality. People usually focus their atention in movie characters. Courageous, powerful, intelligent people. But not very often do people realise there are also lots of other things in movies which are miles better than reality, such as a clothes, cars, houses, products… and, of course, brands and logo designs. There must be… Read more »

The power of the whole: corporate design companies

professional corporate designer company - mortimerland

Designing a good logo for a company is just the beginning. The power of a logo is not only based in its shape, its name or its colours. All of those things are important, it’s obvious, but a lonely logo is just a logo. There are a host of corporate weapons, that can be used… Read more »

Most common fails of brand identity designers

identity brand design errors

Being a brand identity designer could be the best job in the world. However, it’s not a game. Your design would be the image that a whole business will show to the world, and it’s such a big responsibility. What happens is that professional brand identity designers still don’t care about that, they just care… Read more »